The ICHOR Ocean Explorer is a combination of long distance adventure and skilful steering boat, with excellent speed and responsive handling. The shallow V-shaped hull provides the user with a good combination of initial stability and tracking. A great choice for advanced marine adventure enthusiasts.

  • Optional seat sizes
  • Interchangeable knee orthosis module
  • Adaptable with factory modifications
  • Extensive storage compartments
  • Extensive deck extensions
  • Pantheon swivel bracket pre-positioned
SRML Single Layer ¥ 8600
Ideal for an open water adventure and hardcore play, with extreme experience versions of beaching, reefing and surfing.
MRML Triple Layer¥ 8900
2,000g lighter than the single layer version for less effort in handling , like the single layer version, suitable for long explorations as well as light beaching. Not suitable for reef ascents.
SRML PRO Single-layer version of the PRO set ¥11300
One SRML single layer + PRO set (drain pump system + shooting rod system + compass + deck bag + waterproof skirt)
KAYAK CARE exchange service / per year¥1500
Enjoy 1 free exchange or 3 free repairs. No exchange and repair at the same time, shipping costs are at your own expense.
OCAS Introductory Guide / 1 timefree of charge
Enjoy 1 free OCAS introductory course covering equipment use, roof loading and unloading, and basic boat control skills. A total of 3 hours of half-day lessons. Can also be credited towards the cost of a half day of other courses, e.g. Level 2-3 advanced courses. Please fill in the online service request form to book, valid for 3 months after ordering, for personal use only.
Repair Kitsfree of charge
Users can request a free repair kit for life. Just fill out the online after-sales application.
Ordering options
Only support the official website online order, do not support Taobao, WeChat small shop and other third-party e-commerce platform. PANTHEON products are free of defects / B-grade products shipped, defective products are destroyed or exhibited for use.
Cockpit opening
HDPE单层 / 多层PE
Hull colour options
Deck rope colour options
Freight and shipping costs
Shipping costs vary depending on the country of destination and the size of the order. The shipping costs are always indicated in your shopping cart.
Receipt and confirmation
Please unpack and confirm in person upon receipt of the goods and make a claim to the carrier in case of damage.

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